Nature reserves of Belarus and admire the local sights tour.

Guests of our casino have the opportunity to visit the nature reserves of Belarus and admire the local sights.

The list of attractions includes:

  1. The National Library of Belarus;
  2. The Trinity Suburb; 
  3. The Great Patriotic War Museum;
  4. The National Art Museum;
  5. The Bernardine Monastery;
  6. The Lošice Park;
  7. The Minsk City Hall
  8. Central Botanical Gardens 
  9. Aquapark
  10. Zoo

The National Library of Belarus is the place to visit for the literate. And art lovers should visit the Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre. You are in for a real thrill.

Many tourists want to visit the Trinity Suburb, a historical district of Minsk which used to be the trade and administrative center of Belarus.

A visit to the Museum of the Great Patriotic War will give you a taste of history. There are a lot of props that remind you of military battles and exploits performed by Soviet soldiers.

For painting lovers, there’s the National Art Museum.

The Red Church is an emblematic construction in the city of Minsk. This object has a touching and tragic history, which can be told in detail by a personal guide.

The most outstanding architectural landmark is Mir Castle. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The architectural complex consists of a castle, ramparts, a pond, and a shrine. Tourists from all over the world come to admire the castle and the surrounding park.

Another interesting object is the Bernardine monastery. It is situated in the central part of the town, not far from the City Hall, and is surrounded by three shopping arcades.

Nature beauties can be admired in the Lošice Park in Minsk. It’s one of the most mysterious places in the city, preserving centuries-old secrets under the crowns of old trees.

We also recommend visiting the “Yanka Kupala” Theatre, the ‘Minsk Gate”, the ‘Hero City’ obelisk, and the “Dudutki” Ethnographic Museum. You won’t get bored on the excursions.

There are plenty of architectural and natural sights and museums in Belarus. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to combine a casino holiday with sightseeing.

The Minsk City Hall is one of Belarus’ most prominent architectural landmarks. The town hall was demolished by Emperor Nicholas I in 1857 because he thought it was taking up too much space. The building was reconstructed only 147 years later, in 2004. The building was reconstructed according to drawings and pictures that had survived in the archives. The square next to the town hall looks exactly as it did a hundred years ago. It is worth seeing for anyone interested in history.

It is a great pleasure to take a walk in the Central Botanical Gardens under the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. It was founded in 1932 to protect plants. In 2007, a greenhouse with over 500 specimens of exotic plants was opened. This collection is recognized as a national treasure. There is something to see at any time of the year. Many flowers are growing in the garden.

There are regular fun events at the Minsk Aquapark. It is a paradise for lovers of water entertainment. The water park has lots of slides, fountains, open-air and indoor pools. In hot weather, it's a great opportunity to freshen up. Towels and bathrobes are available for hire and need not be brought along. Water park guests are invited to enjoy cocktails at the bar and visit the spa area. 

A unique natural museum is the Minsk Zoo that was opened in August 1984. It has a collection of over 400 different species of animals, including some of the rarest representatives of Belarusian fauna. The most popular exhibitions are the exotarium, which is a pavilion of South American fauna, the aquarium, the “Amazing World of Terrariums”, the “Nemo” dolphinarium, and the "Dinopark”.


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