Junket tour 2021

Junket tours are getting closer and more affordable – Opera Casino invites you to spend 1 to 3 days in the center of Minsk on the bank of the Svisloch river.

Costs of transfer, Accommodation, meals, and recreation are charged by the casino.

Junket is translated from English as an entertainment tour or trip at someone else's expense.
In this case, it is a paid trip to the casino. All you need to do is to put money on deposit and sign a contract. The contract spells out all the profits the player gets: transfers, flight reimbursement, accommodation, meals, and other services. In turn, the traveler will need to comply with the regulations of stay in the casino and certain obligations: the amount of playing time, the minimum bets at the card table, roulette, and at the slot machine. Winnings are paid in cash on
the same day. An important point – bets using the entire amount on deposit.

The Opera Casino accommodates guests in the Beijing Hotel Complex. The amazing atmosphere at the casino will help you fully dedicate yourself to the game and relaxation will provide an amazing atmosphere, the environment, new modern tables and slot machines.

There are 4 tour categories: Standard, Comfort, Premium, and Premium+.
Categories differ in the size of the deposit from 3,000 c.u. for 1 night to 20,000 c.u. for 3 nights. Guests’ rights and obligations vary according to the size of the deposit.

Casino tours are a vacation option that includes a large number of pleasures and entertainment. The thrill of the game will be compensated by guided walks in Minsk and its surroundings, and a gourmet menu at the Louis XIII” restaurant.

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