“Louis XIII” is a 24/7 luxury dining experience.

Chef Aleksandr Korshunov is an engine of progress

Tasting the dishes at the restaurant will give you an incomparable gastronomic pleasure.

Tasting the dishes is an incomparable gastronomic pleasure

Tasting the dishes at the restaurant will give you an incomparable gastronomic pleasure. For example, Baku omelet and khinkali, crispy flapjacks, homemade pickles and mushroom stew with garlic bread, a trio of bruschettas, and truffle cappuccino, and more. Everything here is cooked under the supervision of chef Aleksandr Korshunov and sommelier Alexey Mikhalchik.  Chef service in our restaurant is represented by maitre d’ Gasymov Zaur.

Restaurant “Louis XIII” is a new look at the culture of cooking and serving!

Aleksandr Korshunov has extensive experience of culinary creativity, he is constantly improving, drawing ideas and inspiration from colleagues from around the world.

Chef - an engine of progress

Moreover, Aleksandr Korshunov is an engine of progress, never resting on his laurels, constantly improving his dishes, and searching for new exquisite delicacies for our visitors. Chef Aleksandr Korshunov, an international class, started his professional career in Vilnius in “hili Vilnius”, Moscow in the restaurants of NovikovGroup, then “Cafe Gabriadze” Tbilisi, “Schweizerhaus” Vienna, Brussels, in Minsk: “Tishe mushi”, “Wine and spirits” and “Mona bistro” - promises authorial serving and high-quality products used. 

Maitre is recognized by authoritative restaurant critics

Our maitre d’ Zaur is recognized by authoritative restaurant critics of the Middle East as a professional expert of Oriental restaurant service culture, he has a separate Oriental lounge with national cuisine, hookahs, and author's drinks at your disposal.

Restaurant “Louis XIII” is the place where the menu meets the world’s finest classics and modern trends!

“LOUIS XIII” serves Georgian, Caucasian, and Azerbaijani dishes, as well as Turkish sweets in the Opera Casino. Guests can enjoy scallop carpaccio, salmon gravlax, real king crab salad, lamb tongue in garlic sauce, beef cheeks with porto sauce, and other delicacies.       

Lounge of “Louis XIII” offers French, Italian, Belarusian, Russian, Japanese, and Oriental dishes to any taste. 

“Louis XIII” is a luxury that welcomes its guests with joy!

The pleasant atmosphere of “LOUIS XIII” is complemented by a cozy and luxurious interior, live music, broadcasts of concerts and sporting events on the big screen from the Opera Casino stage.

There is also an excellent bar with a large selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The guests are served by a professional barman and perfectly trained waiters. They are always polite and courteous to customers.

“Louis XIII" restaurant is a high level of service!

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